"Scotwork training still ranks for me as the best training I have ever taken over a 20 year career full of training."

Jad Mouhawej
Head of Speciality Leasing - Majid Futtaim Properties

"Excellent depth, the course raises a lot of questions about sales/negotiations"

Farrell Sheridan
Head of Strategic Development - Abu Dhabi Global Market

"Highly relevant and pragmatic, the case plays made us review our mistakes and improve in real time"

Alishan Samdani
Manager Commercial & Sourcing - Uch Power (Engie)

"Now that I have been on the Scotwork course I can say that my colleagues were right when they said that this was the best training they ever attended"

Elmohaned Tawfeek
Customer Development Manager - Colgate-Palmolive

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The Power of You

I was walking up the escalator on the left-hand-side as you should (British you know), when I came across a guy stood, rooted to the spot, inactive, motionless, stationary, sprouting roots. My blood began to gently boil but being British (again) I did...

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