How does your organisation’s negotiation-fitness compare with others? How can you improve? Do you have the right team, approach and skills for agreeing your next critical deal? Who was the real winner in your last major negotiation? Scotwork’s senior negotiation consultants work with you to answer these and other vital questions. By sharing insights, thinking through the approach, and raising skill-levels we ensure best-practice business-wide, and make you more competitive.


How effectively does your organisation negotiate? Are you below, equal to with or above your industry average? What are you really good at, and where are you not so good? Our capability diagnostics service tells you where and how to maximise your negotiation performance.

Take our survey

Find out if your people have what it takes to be strong and successful negotiators. Our 75-question Negotiation Capability Survey collects detailed negotiation-related data from across your business. The results inform a detailed diagnostic report that tells you: 

  • How effectively your people negotiate
  • Common issues that need resolving
  • Gaps in competency or training
  • Priorities for skills development
  • Potential return from investment in negotiation skills
  • How your business benchmarks against others

How do you compare?

Ever wondered how your negotiation capabilities size-up to the competition? Our Negotiation Capability Survey has been completed by a wide range of stakeholders in all kinds of businesses. This allows your results to be benchmarked against similar organisations that share your sector, size and geographical characteristics. Compare your scores with the industry average and the best performers. See where you outstrip your rivals and where you need to catch up. Most critically, understand the skills development and strategies you need to become a more competitive player.

To find out more contact our negotiation consultants now


Some negotiations challenge even the best of your deal-makers. Our senior consultants are on standby to help you negotiate successfully. We become part of your team. We coach your negotiators one-to-one, rehearse scenarios, prepare proposals and guide you from beginning to end.

Get the winning edge

Whether you are negotiating a major contract, agreeing a global trade deal or entering into union-management dialogue, Scotwork gives your people competitive advantage. Our senior consultants apply deep commercial know-how and negotiation expertise to help you craft, practise and fine-tune your deal-making. They coach your negotiators, move hearts and minds, and transform your negotiation capability. So your business-critical deal becomes a great deal for you. To find out more contact our negotiation consultants now

To find out more contact our negotiation consultants now


Your negotiation is over. It’s time to take review what happened. But did you reach the best deal possible? Did you give away too much? Was there more to be won? We work with you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of how you reached your deal. So you get better results next time.

Create a negotiation-ready culture

It may be too late to change the outcome, but assessing and learning from your performance will help you succeed in your next big deal. Scotwork gives you an independent and expert perspective of what happened in the negotiating room. By retro-analysing your negotiation process and outcomes stage by stage we highlight what worked well and what didn’t. We spot missed opportunities and show you where a slight change of course could have yielded a much stronger deal for you. We pinpoint precisely how to up your game by honing your approach, technique and skills. And give your people the knowledge and confidence to get more from future deals. To find out more contact our negotiation consultants now.

To find out more contact our negotiation consultants now

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